📌 Work in progress

  • The Imaginary Healthy Patient, with Amady Ba, Pierre Michel, Alain Paraponaris et Juliette Spinnato
  • Modeling Joint Lifes within Families, with Olivier Cabrignac and Arthur Charpentier [Working Paper]
  • Optimal lockdowns: Analysing the efficiency of sanitary policies in Europe during the first wave, avec Michel Lubrano et Pierre Michel [Working Paper]
  • Impact of socio-economic determinants on the speed of epidemic diseases. A comparative analysis, avec Gilles Dufrénot, Pierre Michel, Segui Gnaba, Norgile Midopke, et Iness Slaoui
  • Affecter les électeurs à des bureaux de vote, with A. Charpentier, O. L’Haridon and Justine Martail

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📕 Thesis (2013-2017)

“Climate Change Agriculture”