Porto 2017

This week I will attend the GEOMED2017 conference in Porto, in Portugal. Researchers from different horizons will be gathering here to attend to some talks about spatial statistics, spatial epidemiology and public health. This will be the perfect occasion for me to learn more on those subjects during the three days of the conferences. I will also attend a workshop given by Lee Duncan from Glasgow University on modelling spatial data in R with the package CARBayes).

I will also have the pleasure to present my recent work. During the summer, with Arthur Charpentier, I worked on collaborative genealogy data. I was hosted in the GERAD office, in Montreal. In fact, with Olivier Cabrignac, we obtained a really nice dataset from a website called Geneanet. This dataset provides information on people born between 1800 and 1875 (for now; hopefully we can get more soon!). There are several million lines! These data are obtained thanks to the users of Geneanet who construct their family tree as a hobby.

As a first step, we had a look at people’s migration between generations. It should be interesting to link the migrations with diseases. We had to work a lot on data cleaning and formatting to be able to use them. But I will write more in the following months about these data, as we intend to work on mortality. There seems to be a lot of really interesting analysis to run with these data.

You can find below the slides for the small talk I’ll give in the session called “Data Science applied to Health: Strategies and tools for big data, machine learning and data mining” session.

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