Master Economics, Econometrics, big data, statistics Track: Machine Learning and Statistical Learning

I recommend reading the slides with Acrobat, to be able to display dynamic graphics

Magistère Ingénieur Économiste (graduates) : Programming for Big Data

Master in Statistics and Econometrics: Introduction to R

The slides were made with knitr and Slidify. Each file corresponds to a chapter of the crouse notes. A HTML version is offered as well as a PDF one. R codes displayed in the slides are also available. For the HTML version only, here are some shortcuts to navigate:

  • use your keyboard arrows to move from a slide to the next or to the previous one
  • the “F” key switches to full screen
  • the “G” key prompts a window that allows to go directly to a specific slide



Statistics (Undergraduate)

Econometrics (Undergraduate)

Voici les supports pour le TD d’économétrie avec Excel

I provide some solutions using R as well, in four blog articles (in French)