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Coordinates of “hot-spots”

Last week I uploaded a note about the paper @freakonometrics and I have submitted again after we added quite a few revisions. We have already made available most of the R code to reproduce our applications (on this GitHub repository). However, we did not share our method to obtain the coordinates of the “hot-spots” areas


Scale bar and North arrow on a ggplot2 map using R

After some research on the Internet, I gave up trying to find an R function to add a scale bar and a North arrow on a map, using ggplot().
So, I would like to present you what I have come up with.

The idea is really basic : we create two polygons for the scale bar, we add some text above, and we draw an arrow. That’s it. The only tricky thing here, is the way to obtain the coordinates of each element. An easy solution is to use the gcDestination function, from the maptools package.