Visualizing densities of spatial processes

In the past few weeks, Arthur Chaprentier (@freakonometrics) and I have been working again on an article untitled “Visualizing spatial processes using Ripley’s correction: an application to bodily-injury car accident location“.  The revised version of our work is available here: http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00725090.

Please note that this post is related to Arthur’s: http://freakonometrics.hypotheses.org/7129


Montreal border

After reading a really nice post about geo-marked bike accidents (Mapping Bike Accidents in R), I wanted to reuse the map for something else. Unfortunately, the shapefile used to create it does not give the entire border, but an aggregation of borough instead.

So, after a couple hour looking on the web for a simpler SHP file, I gave up and finally decided to create it myself. To do so, I used the SHP file given on the Mapping Bike Accidents post.

Montreal as a Polygon